Do Your CMO & CFO Agree on Important Goals?

It’s Time For the CMO and CFO to Get Connected!

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Your marketing department substantially contributes to your company’s bottom line. But can you prove it with key performance indicators (KPIs) that make sense to the finance department? Until your CMO and CFO speak the same language, you’ll always struggle to prove how marketing increases revenue.

Interested in bridging this divide, in September 2016 Neustar asked Forrester Consulting to interview 190 marketing and finance executives about key communication barriers between their departments. The results might surprise you.

Some important findings from those interviews include:

  • The reason marketing budgets are first to be cut when companies reduce costs
  • How to align marketing and finance goals using strategically defined KPIs
  • Four key recommendations for improving interdepartmental collaboration

Download the report to gain important insights about how to connect your CMO and CFO and create a vital relationship that gets results.